Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sorry for the absence

Sorry about not posting anything new about the MLB, for I have been extremely busy the past few weeks. I'll be sure to follow and post more and more each day from now on. So, how about that first week of the MLB season? Has anyone had a look at the standings? Better yet, how about that comeback win for the Twins over the Yankees @ the Bronx? Down 4-0 in the 8th, the Twins showed their patience at the plate, drawing 3 walks, 1 with the bases full, and kept the inning alive for Delmon Young's bat to pop a short fly down the 1st base line to score everybody on base. The Twins would eventually win it in 11 innings, 5 to 4. The Twins are now 7-31 in the last 38 games vs. the Yankees.

Delmon Young hit a 3-run double in the top of
the 8th against the Yankees to tie the game.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mexico is great!

How has everyone been? Sorry, I haven't been on in awhile, I've been enjoying myself in Mexico! Great weather transitions. I brought my Minnesota Twins shirt, and it seems there are a lot of Twins fans in Mexico, including the locals! GO TWINS!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

World Series Champions Giants have Lincecum pitch 3 2/3 innings

Giants starter Tim Lincecum blanked the Mariners on three hits while striking out seven in 3 2/3 innings Sunday as the Giants beat the Mariners, 6-1

How are the giants going to be this year? Are they a threat?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Delmon Young STRONG in 2011?

Twins Greats - Delmon Young along with Harmon Killebrew,
Rod Carew, Tony Oliva, and Kent Hrbek
How good will he be in 2011?

I know it's pretty early..

Yes, the pre-season just started, but looking at how teams are starting out, who do you think will win the World Series, a National team, or an American team? What are your World Series predictions? Phillies and Yankees? Dodgers and Red Sox? Cardinals and Twins? Your call!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Twins win!

The Minnesota Twins win 5-4 against the Tampa Bay Rays!
With 2 late runs added in the bottom of the 8th, the Twins were able to seal the victory.

Jason Kubel went 2-3 with 3 RBI's.